Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pondering Periodically

Not very many folks visit this blog, but that is fine.

I was completely blown away during the September 4, 2008 meeting conducted by LAUSD concerning South Region High School No. 15 (SRHS15), and the comments from so many attending the meeting.

Two issues were commented on by the vast majority of speakers.

"Fix Pedro High First" resounded like thunder all evening long.

Do not build SRHS 15 on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur came in slightly second, surprisingly.

Many comments suggested that before LAUSD spends 102 Million Dollars on a campus that will serve up to only 810-students, spending far less to make repairs and change things at San Pedro High School is better for everyone.

The Martin sisters, one 11th grader and two 8th graders made the best comments of the evening, so many folks feel.

The current LAUSD students strongly stated that since none of them would be attending a 'Magnet' program, they would be excluded from attending SRHS 15 if it is built.

The young women shared that SRHS 15 would be a school for "the haves" and SPHS would be the campus for "the have nots."

This same claim was raised by adults, but coming especially from the two younger sisters brought the point home with an out of the ballpark hit, I feel.

I don't want to deal with National politics any longer on this blog, after this post.

Suffice it to write that one V.P. candidate attempted to fire her town's Librarian for not banning books she found offensive and,

That particular candidate claims to want to change Washington politics even though she has a record of hiring lobbyists to seek pork barrel funds and earmarks for her state and,

That a particular candidate supported, even though she is running on a Republican ticket, that it is alright to seek a vote to allow Alaska to secede from the Union and,

A Presidential candidate may have truly been a maverick two decades ago, but is not in lock-step with the current Administration and,

The feebleness and exhaustion viewed during one Presidential candidate's acceptance face,

demonstrated that we cannot have another four more years of the last eight years.

Target appearently has a pre-opening on October 8, with its Grand Opening on October 12.

A strong support of Bob Bisno's current plans for Ponte Vista stated "shame on you" if you shop at the new store.

I thought it was only the Eastview Little League management that doesn't want you to shop there?

How about a non-prize contest?

Wouldn't it be great to post a photo of someone in the management of Eastview Little League walking into or out of Target?

If you remember, some Eastview Little League folks claimed they would set up picket lines at Target to try get folks to not shop there.

It would not be right to take a photo of the folks supporting Bob's plans for Ponte Vista going into or out of Target.

The one "shame on you" supporter is in a Union that has a strong interest in getting ironworkers onto the Ponte Vista site.

Tuesday September 9, 2008 is the date of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council's election for five seats on their board.

This election should clean out some of the troublesome individuals who have kept the Council from becoming greater than it has been.

Perhaps Mr. Gatlin, Donato, and several other current officers will add their names as write-in candidates. If they do, please skip them.

Please repeat after me, "Supervisor Hahn". Thank you.

Please attend this coming weekend's Tri Art Festival in downtown San Pedro.

You get good walking points, a shared experience with many other folks, a classic car show, at least one Mario Lanza movie to catch, food to eat, and more coming together of OUR community and the ability to meet folks from other areas.

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