Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pondering More Political Craziness

"Country First!" A certain potential V.P. nominee belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party that sought, for over 30 years, the right of Alaskans to be able to vote on whether to secede from the United States.

"527" A certain potential V.P. nominee headed a group that sought and collected donations for Sen Ted Stevens, R-Alaska. Sen Stevens is the first sitting U.S. Senator to be indicted on Federal charges in over 15 years.

Why might a woman return to work just three days after giving birth when her husband has a job, too and the woman had a lieutenant that should have been able to do the work of the woman in her absence?

Why would a mother put her first born daughter through the national spotlight when that daughter is facing the most challenging part of her entire life? What is more important, a mother's love and assistance, or climbing the political ladder?

Why didn't John McCain seek to learn all he should have learned before deciding on Sarah?

What does this say about John's ability to make good clear decisions on a moment's notice when a whole lot more is riding on the state of the planet than whether he made the correct choice for a running mate?

I am surprised that Ms. Palin is still on the ticket. I had thought she would have 'taken herself out of the process' to deal with her newborn and the State of Alaska.

I didn't know about Bristol's 'condition' before the press revealed it.

I also didn't know how strong Sarah is against 'pork-barrel' spending outside her state.

Of course she has requested 197 Million Dollars in earmarks for her state, but I guess she doesn't believe in earmarks for about 49 other states, does she?

I cannot escape thinking about the word 'hypocrisy' when I think about all those conservatives who are rallying around Sarah.

How many of those self-righteous individuals made foul comments about Lynn Spears when they learned that Jamie Lynn Spears was "with child" while still an unmarried teenager?

For all of those Repubics who condemned Lynn Spears to now claim that "it is a family matter" and not something anyone should question the judgement of anyone, is astounding.

If John McCain did now about Bristol before he announced Sarah, why didn't he suggest to Sarah that her best place would be back in Alaska leading that State AND being the mother she needs to be to her family, especially at this time.

I guess John thinks it is better to get himself elected than help assure the best possible outcome for one very challenged family.

What does this also say about Sarah's reasoning abilities? Perhaps it is quite alright to have you younger children raised by a nanny or two while you are attempting to get your running mate elected.

Sarah may think that the V.P. job would allow her more time to be with her family than she currently has now.

But if John McCain were to become POTUS, Sarah would be in a position that no other Vice President has even been in; the V.P. of the oldest sitting POTUS, one who has four bouts of Cancer, and one who has been acknowledged by thousands of individuals as suffering the early stages of dementia.

Sarah, you should have thought more about your family and your State, I feel.

John, you should have thought more about the Country than just your ambition and legacy.

To the Republics', you all should have considered how hypocritical you all appear to be now and how you really do not really care about middle America and bettering the lots of every American.

To the independents and Democrats, it is obvious that the Republics don't care about anything other than January 20, and not one day later.

It is time to allow the Republics the chance to receive a 'hail and hearty' good-bye to being the administrators and executive party in America.

When Sarah's first grandchild is about eight years old, then she can run for national office, if Trig is the beautiful, happy, and adored child that I am certain he will be.

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