Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pondering Earthquakes

The post is being written between the 11:42 AM event and whatever happens next.

Terri and I felt the quake, but we still don't know if it was a forshock or main quake.

We haven't felt any aftershocks yet.

It's been quite a while since OUR community had a shaker we all had the opportunity to feel.

This one for me, started with an unusually shutter before the rocking and rolling commenced.

It was just long enough to get me to head for a doorway, but by the time I was able to look for swaying telephone poles, it stopped.

One of my 'hobbies' is riding earthquakes and I usually experience them better if I am sitting down watching poles and wires sway back and forth.

We headed for Channel 4 and they caught the quake live during their Midday report.

I reminded of Kent Shotnic (sp?) when he dove under a desk during a much stronger quake, some time ago.

*** As I am writing this, the first aftershock was monitored, but we didn't feel it.

Earthquakes come with the territory we live in and we all know it.

Thankfully, we usually only get remnants of Hurricaines, tiny twisters, and not much flooding by overflowing rivers.

So this recent Earthquake was just a reminder that we live and work and play in an area that shakes, rattles, and rolls.

Still, the "big one" is coming.

Today is just another day to ponder earthquakes, the "big one" and all the little ones we just think we feel.

Are we prepared as a community for the one that is still to come and do some very massive damage? Are you prepared?

Once upon a time, there was a earthquake, a fairly big shaker.

All the news media headed over to Cal Tech to watch the inked needles on the scales jump around and Dr. Lucy Jones, the seismologist dubbed "Seis Mom" because she was interviewed holding her youngest in her arms with her older child clinging to her.

Terri and I attended the La Canada High School graduation ceremony this past June when close friends' son graduated.

Real close to us that day was "Seis Mom" watching the little one who she was holding during all those repeated interviews, graduating high school.

That made Terri and I feel real old.

Pondering earthquakes, the past, the present, and the future.

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