Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some Issues to Ponder, With This First Post

This blog is intended to deal with issues other than Ponte Vista at San Pedro, the McCowan's Market redevelopment issue, and issues supported by the Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1.

There are already at least two blogs dedicated to Ponte Vista at San Pedro and R Neighborhoods Are 1. R Neighborhoods Are 1 already has a great Web site at:

There are issues, both small and large that can stand a good amount of pondering by anyone who wishes to and just about all of them will change the landscape, lifestyle, character, and/or joy of living in the San Pedro, California area.

Whether it is wishing to create a more wonderful setting at Cabrillo Beach with a fully restored Bath House and renovated picnic areas, or dealing with the possibility that at least one neighborhood on the eastern side of San Pedro Hill will literally get shafted for eight or so years, there are issues running the full range of topics going on in an area where too many folks contend nothing ever happens.

Let's take a quick read at some of the things folks might need an want to ponder now and well into the future:

The "Bridge to Breakwater" development, redevelopment, redo, or whatever anyone wants to call it, and an issue that has generated a life and legend all its own.

The idea that putting a brand new cruise ship terminal, especially for the largest cruise ships and ocean liners in the world, about as far away from major transportation accesses, and almost completely at the very end of San Pedro is something this blog will certainly ponder and welcome others to ponder on, as well.

Does San Pedro need another large public high school built in an area where it has less than marginal access and built directly next to an educational facility which will provide great experiences to about 13,000 school children each year.....with either 3 or 4 night stays?

Where in the heck should a 500-foot deep shaft, with up to an 8-acre area at ground level dedicated to drilling a new tunnel and removing millions of tons of earth, be done?

Should either Pacific Avenue or 6Th Street in downtown San Pedro have portions of traffic detoured to provide a pedestrian walkway, complete with waterscapes, as part of the redevelopment of downtown San Pedro?

How are we all going to live in an area that is going to become even more polluted because of our gigantic need to feed the Port of Los Angeles' greed for growing shipping lines ever larger, all in such a limited area?

Can the infrastructure and businesses in the area support the ever growing 'suggested' need form more housing on a peninsula?

What do we do when the Vincent Thomas Bridge reaches over capacity trying to deal with the largest container ship ever to float on the seas, at the same time a 5,400-passenger cruise ship calls on the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro and Terminal Island?

What should the course for San Pedro's future be and who should have the authority to decide what happens?

San Pedro has a growing capacity for the arts. How should any discussion of recreating much of downtown San Pedro into a more art-friendly area go?

How might the San Pedro area hold on to its traditions, cultures, history and small-town atmosphere amid the demand for more housing and the ever changing members of OUR community?

There is a lot to ponder. One may wish to pick one area to ponder or take on more issues.

The rules are quite simple. Let's keep it clean and not be nasty to individuals or groups. Sarcasm is welcome. Biting wit would be great. Informed reasoning is always appreciated. Agreeing with this blogger is not important at all. Presenting facts, backed up with documentation is very important. Making guesses doesn't hurt. Stating honest opinion is a must!

Question authority. Please remember that Roderick Hamilton, from the Facilities Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District stood in front of residents of OUR community and stated, matter of factly, that a 2,025-seat senior high school was going to be built on acreage within the fencing of Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Demand answers from elected persons and those selected to represent them. Demand answers from bureaucrats paid for by tax dollars.

Shout if necessary! Use your informed opinion to state your reasons concerning an issue and don't be afraid to speak out. Silence may be golden, but unfortunately, our combined silence will allow the TraPac and possibly the China Shipping expansions to most likely cost people in OUR community their lives.

If you have lived in OUR community a long time, if you are new to the area and came here because you love living here, if you have chosen this area to raise your family, or if you have invested part of your life to OUR community, you are the most important person to ponder issues and discuss, debate, and decide what you will live with and what you will not tolerate.

You are a 'Real San Pedran' if you keep San Pedro in your heart and the great people of OUR community in your thoughts.

Now, let's start pondering!

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